Magnets for health efficiency

Do you suffer or your animals suffer from aches and pains? Would you like improved energy and be able to reduce pain and inflammation? We are distributors of Bioflow products which can be of great benefit to both people and animals. We have a range of products to help both you and your animals – from dog collars, tendon wraps or boots for horses to a large selection of magnetic straps and bracelets to fit all sizes and suit all pockets!

Bioflow Order Form SEP 2014

We also supply Ecoflow products for the home and industry.

  • Thermoflow can he lp to improve the efficiency of your oil and gas heating equipment and produce more heat from the same quantity of fuel, reduce heating costs and reduce harmful emissions.
  • Motoflow helps to improve the efficiency of petrol and diesel engines and will reduce fuel consumption, reduce harmful emissions and help to maintain a smoother and cleaner engine. For use on all types of petrol and diesel engines (lorries, vans, cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, tractors, compressors, winches, ships etc.).

If you would like further information or advice about any of the above, please contact me on 01434 674120 or complete our contact form.