FAB (Forever Active Boost)

FAB – Forever Active Boost – Energy with a difference!

Do you have a problem staying alert…..?  We’ve just returned from driving through France – my problem is staying awake when driving long distances and I hate drinking those caffeine drinks, as you tend to feel awful afterwards.  However, this time I had no problem staying awake and alert – Forever Living have brought out a new product called FAB (Forever Active Boost).  It gives you both immediate and long term energy.  The immediate energy is supplied by guarana, a natural ingredient which is popular in Brazil and the long term energy is provided by a blend of adaptogenic herbs and other nutrients, including aloe vera.  The really good thing about this drink is that you don’t suffer from the caffeine hangover afterwards!

The energy drink market is a quickly expanding market place and if you stop at any motorway service station, sports club, golf club etc. you will see rows of different types of energy drinks – short term they will give you a boost, but most of them are filled with caffeine and sugar which inevitably means that a slump is suffered afterwards – so why not give FAB a try and feel confident that you can meet the challenges of the day knowing that the contents of the can is full of energising quality!

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