Aloe MSM Gel – Product of the Month

As we get older we suffer from more aches, pains, sore muscles and aching joints. There are countless remedies offered to relieve pain and everybody has their own particular favourite.  However, there is often a downside to taking painkillers and applying ibrubrofen gels on a long term basis.  Aloe MSM Gel is the ideal product to use either alongside the Forever Freedom drink or on its own. MSM is natural source of organic sulphur, which is a key component of connective tissues and joints. It’s found in every cell of the body and helps to repair cartilage damage.
Aloe Vera is the main ingredient which is so well absorbed into the skin that it takes the MSM straight to the affected area.  It is a clear, non-staining gel that is easily applied.  The other interesting point about Aloe MSM Gel is that it can also benefit skin complaints like psoriasis, acne, rosacea etc.

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